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Sanibel Before

the Causeway

This documentary is literally one that began production 60-70 years ago.  In the 1940s, 1950s, and into the 1960s, an unknown filmmaker began shooting 8mm movies on Sanibel Island.

Recently that treasure of old movies was discovered, and island filmmaker David E. Carter immediately saw the opportunity to make a documentary that shows life on Sanibel island before the causeway was built in 1963. Sanibel Before the Causeway will take you back to a time when few people had ever yeard of Sanibel, when the big event of the day was when the mail boat arrived.

The Sanibel Airport

The documentary features interviews with these people who lived here Before the Causeway.

Mike Billheimer

Deb Gleason

Jim Pickens

Charles LeBuff

Bob Sabatino

Bella Kontinos